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May Half Term Activities

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Maths Revision for Year 11

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Dear Parent,

As examination season begins I thought it a good time to remind you what resources are available to prepare your child for their Maths exams. This year the first Maths paper is on Thursday 4th June, with the calculator paper following on Monday 8th June. I understand that Maths is not the only subject your child will be studying for, however I cannot underplay the importance of regular Maths revision in these final weeks and it is our recommendation that pupils should be completing 30 minutes per day of revision if they are to ensure success in their examinations.

There are many revision resources available and the important thing is to find one your child is comfortable working with. Below are the ones we have provided, however if your child finds a different resource preferable then as long as it is aimed at an appropriate level it will be fine to use. If in doubt come and see myself or Mrs Peterson.


Accessed at, the main page login details are     Login: rhyn   Password: algebra The booster packs are the best for practising maths skills but there is also a lot of revision lessons that will help pupils learn anything they may have missed. This revision is best suited to pupils who learn best by watching how things are done and then practising.


Every pupil has been given a Mathswatch CD-ROM. This requires a Windows enabled computer to run and contains explanatory clips on every topic in GCSE maths. If your son/daughter is unsure whether they have one, then there is a small supply of spares that can be lent out, they just have to come and see myself or Mrs Peterson. This resource is best suited to pupils who learn best by listening to explanations before practise.

Revision Guides

Some students have already purchased an up to date revision guide, these are still available from the department at £4 for both a revision book and workbook full of practise questions. I have also tracked down some older revision guides no longer required by the Maths Department and handed them out to pupils so that everybody has access to a revision book. These are best suited to pupils who learn best by trying maths out for themselves.

Revision Sessions

There are a number of timetabled revision sessions for Maths and I strongly urge that all of them are attended. I will also be running an additional revision session during the half-term holiday on Friday 29th May from 10am till 12pm. The purpose of this session is for pupils to bring any work they have come up against during independent revision that they’d like help with. There will also be practice papers available for pupils to work on. This year the two maths exams are placed either side of a weekend and so I shall run a revision session for Paper 2 topics on Saturday 6th June. After school revision will continue to run on Wednesdays up until the first exam.

If there is any additional help you require please do not hesitate to contact the Maths department and we wish your son/daughter the very best of luck with their exams.

Yours sincerely

Alex McKinnon   (Head of Mathematics)

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RS revision notes

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Please find revision notes for the four sections of Unit 8 at

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Whole School Photo Preview

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Please use the following link to preview the recent whole school and year 11 photo – order forms will be available shortly.


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Revision materials

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Please find revision materials at here you will find links to past papers and resources to help with your revision. This will be updated with all subjects over the next week. Also note revision materials for all year 10 students – Unit 1 BTEC exam on human lifespan and development taking place on 11th May.

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End of Term

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St Martins School closes at the end of school on the 27 March for the Easter Holidays. School re-opens on MONDAY 13 APRIL.

On the THURSDAY 16th April we will be having a whole school photo.

We wish our students, parents and community a happy and safe holiday.

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Danielle Brown MBE

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Born in Yorkshire on the 10th April 1988, Danielle developed her parents passion for the outdoors and her childhood was filled with sporting activities. Holidays, weekends and evenings were all crammed with cycling, walking, running camping, golf, and swimming, but in her teens Danielle was diagnosed with a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) that affected her life tremendously. Danielle had to relearn to walk and could no longer take part in all the sports she loved doing. Archery was a lifeline when everything seemed so bleak and Danielle was sprung onto an amazing, but completely different path. Danielle joined a local club at the age of fifteen and got to represent her just country three years later. This turned into an amazing journey where Danielle dominated her field for over seven years and also managed to find the time to juggle a law degree with the demands of training, coming away with a first class.

Building on the legacy of London 2012, Danielle is thrilled to be involved with schools, colleges and universities, engaging with students all across the country. Danielle wants to pass her drive, determination and strength of character on to others. She will be talking to year 10 and 11 after Easter about how to overcome nerves in exams. P

erform better  

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