SECONDARY DEPARTMENT – Review Day – 26 November

Letters have been sent home with secondary department students about Review Day, which takes place on the 26 November.

This is the first opportunity to meet your son/daughter’s tutor this year to discuss the progress he/she has made so far and to set and agree targets to enable further progress to be made. We have tried to reduce the paperwork this year and preparation for review day and the record of agreed targets will be written in the student planner.

 You will receive, before Review Day, a short report giving effort grades for the first half term and the result of this year’s first assessment. This will form the basis of the discussion on 26 November.

 There will be no formal school lessons on the 26 November and students will receive their attendance mark when they attend the meeting with their parents. We hope all parents will be able to attend at a convenient time, agreed with the tutor, but if it is absolutely impossible for you to attend it is expected that students will come into school for the appointment on their own.

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